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David’s Audiobook on Psychology

Atheist Universe Audiobook


Atheist Universe Audio Book Track 1.mp3

00:00   Welcome

00:33   What is atheism?

01:14   What happens when you die?

02:07   How do atheists differ from agnostics?

02:47   Is everybody else wrong but the atheists?

03:51   Are atheists embarrassed to speak up?

04:43    "The fool hath said in his heart 'There is no God.'"

06:42   Why don't atheists believe in God?


Atheist Universe Audio Book Track 2.mp3

00:00   Can atheists prove God doesn't exist?

02:30   Why do so many people believe in God?

04:05   How could the universe come into being without

             God? (The First Cause argument)

08:37   How do atheists explain Nature's beauty and order?


Atheist Universe Audio Book Track 3.mp3

00:00   The Intelligent Design movement

03:32   Is the universe fine-tuned to support human life?

05:21   Does religion offer comfort?

07:27   Without God, what is the meaning of life?

09:09   Is atheism a completely negative philosophy?


Atheist Universe Audio Book Track 4.mp3

00:00   Pascal's Wager

02:02   Was Jesus an admirable figure?

03:47   Did Jesus really exist?

04:28   Are there secular historical references to Jesus?

07:00   Atheist poem about Jesus

07:35   Are atheists biased against religion?

10:38   How was the stone rolled away in front of Jesus' tomb?


Atheist Universe Audio Book Track 5.mp3

00:00   To be happy, do we need a belief in God?

03:19   Is atheism just another religion?

05:09   Does Christianity encourage moral conduct?

10:17   Are we returning to the Dark Ages?


Atheist Universe Audio Book Track 6.mp3

00:00   Do atheists believe in a "right" and "wrong"?

05:45   Do humans share a common conscience guided by

             one God?

07:07   Is an afterlife required for ultimate justice?

08:50   Was America founded upon Christian principles?

13:35   What would an atheist say on Judgment Day?

14:20   Conclusion

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David Mills

WAJR in Clarksburg, West Virginia  (Aug. 7, 2008)
(MP3 audio, 28 MB, 40 Mins.)

David on Air America and XM Satellite (July 9, 2008)

(MP3 audio, 26 MB, 38 Mins.)

Rational Response Squad  (March 30, 2007)
(MP3 audio, 33.7 MB, 1 Hour and 38 Mins.)

Francois Tremblay Interviews David  (Nov. 4, 2006)
(MP3 audio, 17.1 MB, 1 Hour)

WBAI New York City  (July 23, 2006)
(MP3 audio, 25.9 MB, 1 Hour)

David with Aaron Kinney  (July 1, 2006)
(MP3 audio, 27.5 MB, 1 Hour)

Rational Redneck  (April 28, 2006)
(MP3 audio, 25.5 MB, 2 Hours and 28 Mins.)

Hellbound Alleee  (Feb. 18, 2006)
(MP3 audio, 27.5 MB, 1 Hour)

Hellbound Alleee  (Jan. 14, 2006)
(MP3 audio, 27.5 MB, 1 Hour)

The Infidel Guy  (Oct. 19, 2005)
(MP3 audio, 26.6 MB, 1 Hour and 33 Mins.)

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Archived Radio Interviews

Richard Dawkins
Richard Dawkins' Wife

       Hear Oxford evolutionary biologist Richard Dawkins and his wife, Actress Lalla Ward, talk about Atheist Universe and David Mills in the audio version of The God Delusion:

From page 44

From page 88

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