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3 Major Car Problems That Will Cost Serious Dollars to Repair

Female with a busted car engine

Your car needs regular maintenance to make sure that every part or component is working as the manufacturer intended. However, many people, due to time or money constraints, do not bring their car to the mechanic unless there is a problem that may cause an immediate threat to safety.

You should not neglect any malfunction or damage to your car no matter how small it may be. Aside from the possibility that it may endanger your and other people’s lives, you may end up having to pay more for repairs and replacements.

Here are some of the most expensive problems that you may want to avoid:

A Blown Gasket

You can get a Subaru head gasket replacement when it blows, but it would come at a hefty price tag.

Your car’s head gasket is important to the overall function of the engine. It serves as a seal between the piston cylinder and the engine block. It prevents the coolant and the engine oil from mixing in the combustion chamber.

When it blows, it becomes a huge problem. The performance of the engine is directly and significantly compromised. The coolant may leak, the engine may overheat, the oil may become discolored, and smoke may come out of the exhaust pipe.

If you have a blown gasket, you may notice that your car is constantly overheating. You may be losing coolant because it is leaking into the oil pan. If you check your car’s oil level with a dipstick, you may notice a chocolate milkshake-like color. That is a definitive sign that there is a problem with the gasket and you should bring it to your mechanic ASAP.

A Worn Clutch

Your clutch is not meant to last forever. It usually operates without a problem for up to around 20,000 to 100,000 miles. After that, you may notice some changes with the clutch.

One symptom that it needs replacement is the lack of resistance. If you step on the clutch and it easily goes down without much effort from your part, then it is very likely worn out.

The clutch is designed to be tough. It should not move with the very least pressure. Softness, therefore, is a cause of serious concern. The sound of grinding when you use the clutch is also a sign that your car needs to go to the shops for repairs and replacements.

A Dead Battery

Female checking car engine

Your car’s battery has a short lifespan. Eventually, even if you are careful, your car’s battery will degrade and die.

Replacing your battery is not something that you can avoid. However, a dead battery can be prevented.

Experts recommended that car batteries be replaced once every three to five years. If you drive everyday and across long distances, the lifespan of the car battery may be shorter.

It is best to get your car battery checked during safety inspections or any other visits to the mechanic. Signs of problems with the car battery include difficulty starting your car and a warning light going off on your dashboard.

Your car is an expensive investment. If you want it to look and operate like you recently drove out of the dealership, you have to put in the time and more money into maintenance. Otherwise, neglecting your vehicle will cause you more in the long run.

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