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Auto Repair Shop: Profit That Moves

mechanic inside an auto repair shop

There are multiple ideas for startup businesses that are ripe with promising possibilities. If you are studying to be a mechanic or are already in practice, let us interest you in opening your very own automotive repair shop.

An auto repair shop is a lucrative business because as long as there are vehicles on the road, it will always stay in demand. However, like all businesses, opening one requires a lot of prior planning. Some essential steps include acquiring certification, computing projected costs, obtaining documents such as a business permit and a zoning approval, buying a liability insurance, and finding customers.

It’s also highly indispensable to have the right tools and equipment. In this guide, we will discuss what particular machines you should invest in for long-term use:

Good Planning = Good Business

To start, having a good business plan is vital, especially if you opt to outsource financing for your auto repair shop. In addition, it’s also important to learn about the current market and demand. You don’t want to start a business without any customers, right?

Interview several individuals to get a gist of what your prospective customers want. Then, you’ll want to get the word out to establish your branding image. An efficient way to do so is by creating a website in which you can promote your shop through customer feedback and testimonials without having to pay for high advertising costs.

Use Your Own Garage

The second most important part of starting a business is finding a suitable location. For your auto repair shop, a garage or a backyard would be an ideal spot. If you don’t have one, ask a friend or relative about allowing you to initially use their garage on a low rent for a year or so.

The Machinery

mechanic checking a car engineThis is where you will dole out some cash: investing in your machines and equipment. Never forget to canvas quality equipment and compare prices, as there are perfectly functional second-hand equipment out there that you can buy at a decreased price point. But, remember to upgrade once you have already earned enough since second-hand ones normally have a shorter span of usability.

  • Automotive Lift: A vehicle lift raises cars, allowing mechanics to work under the vehicle. This is one piece of equipment you need to invest in wisely. The average life of a cheaper vehicle lift is about two years.
  • Air Compressor: An air compressor is a must-have in an auto repair shop. Usually, you should opt for a larger compressor that falls somewhere between 60 to 120 gallons. Besides capacity, consider these before purchasing one: the PSI, pistons needed, horsepower, and cubic feet per minute.
  • Air-Conditioning Repair Machine: A faulty air conditioning unit is a common vehicular issue that you’ll encounter in a repair shop so this equipment is a key essential.
  • Battery Jumper: Aside from a faulty air conditioning system and deflated tires, another typical problem is a car’s dead or uncharged batteries. This is where a charger or jumper will come in handy.
  • Jacks: If having a lift is quite heavy on your pocket, resorting to jacks as an alternative may work for the meantime. For safety reasons, never overlook the quality of a jack and purchase the best option on the market.
  • Bead Rollers: If your services include body customization, having a bead roller may be beneficial. Bead roller machines are used to make metal sheets more durable. It also utilized for total body customizations. Check out suppliers that offer Baileigh bead rollers for special offers and promos.

An auto repair shop is an intensely competitive industry with numerous challenges such as expensive equipment needs, constantly changing technology, and high customer and employee turnover rates. Accordingly, it is up to you as the owner to set your new automotive repair business up for success.

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