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Before and During: Driving Safely at Night

Truck driving in the night

Driving is one of the most convenient ways to go from one place to another. With all its advantages, you might think that you’re the king of the road, which shouldn’t be the case. You still have the responsibility to make sure that you’re not putting anybody — yourself, your passengers, and the pedestrians — in danger.

This doesn’t only revolve around the way you drive; it’s also how you maintain your vehicle. If you always drive in the dark, for instance, then you have to make sure that your headlights are in good condition. If not, then you better head to a headlight restoration service in your Phoenix, AZ neighborhood.

Before Your Night Drive

Having good eyesight will allow you to see better at night. Have your eyes checked regularly to determine if it’s in good condition. The last thing you would want is to experience eye trouble while driving. If you’re wearing glasses, make sure they are clear and not the tinted ones because that can dim your sight. It’s also advisable to keep your eyes moving to reduce eye fatigue.

When it comes to your windshield, it’s better to always have it cleaned — both the inside and the outside. There can be an increase in glare from passing vehicles if the windows aren’t clean. It can also be more prone to steam.

Avoid touching the windshield, mirrors, and windows with your hands. The skin contains natural oil, which can sear through these glass surfaces. This can also add glare when driving at night, so use a newspaper when cleaning them and microfiber cotton when touching such surfaces.

While You’re Driving

You can get distracted by oncoming lights because your eyes are accustomed to the dim settings inside the car. To prevent this situation, avoid looking too hard on other lights on the road. Avoid looking at oncoming high beams, as well. If a high beam is on from another car, alert the driver by moving your rearview mirror so it can reflect the light to the driver. You can also do this to avoid the reflection.

When driving, you must study the road ahead. Avoid bright lights, but you should still be observant, especially if there are warning signs.

Driving can tire you, so make sure to take a rest, especially when driving for hours. It’s common to rest every two hours. Also, drink coffee for some alertness.

Other Things to Keep in Mind

Cars dring duting the night

A fog light can help you see the road ahead clearly. It is installed low (not higher) on the car because they can cause glare, which can be hazardous to other drivers. Fog lights can also help drivers see more than the shoulder of the road.

Your dash light shouldn’t be bright at night time. Although these panels and dash lights can be bright, you can adjust the setting since it can be a distraction. Aim for a dim setting inside the vehicle so you can see the road as clear as possible.

Driving at night shouldn’t be dangerous as long as you follow some safety tips. Don’t let your sleepiness result to something. Make sure that aside from following precautions, you must be alert when driving. Bring food and drinks that can keep you attentive when driving.

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