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Broken Glass: Why a Cracked Windshield Can Be a Ticket to Your Doom

broken windshield of a car

Let’s face it. When you’re driving your car, the possibility that something might go wrong rises the longer you stay on the road. To boot, you could be getting pulled over or get a flat tire. Like it or not, these kinds of things require your immediate attention. What you might not realize is that there are things that could raise these risks a notch higher. Top of the list: a cracked windshield.

You might think that a cracked windshield cannot disrupt your driving and that you can always fix it at a later date. However, prolonging to fix this minor can cause major issues in the future. It can be disastrous.

The windshield is a safety component in your car. But no matter how strong and reliable it is, it is still not immune to damages. In fact, windshield cracks are some of the most usual damages that can happen to your car. The weather, for starters, can damage your windshield.

You might brush it off and ignore it now, as it is just an insignificant issue. But the thing is, it is more than a crack. Along with its unsightly appearance that brings down your car’s overall visual, it is also a safety hazard. Think about it. With nearly 280 million vehicles in the United States, the chances that you meet an accident on one of the busiest streets in the world is high. Making sure your windshield won’t exacerbate things is paramount. Here is how things could unfold.

Temperature Changes Can Crack Your Windshield

No matter where you are or what kind of car you’re driving, windshields are always exposed to temperature changes every day. To note, glass expands and contracts with extreme temperature changes. During hot seasons, the glass expands, resulting in cracks while cold air contracts glass. If the glass is exposed to heat all of a sudden, chances are it will crack. That’s why it is never a good idea to pour boiling water to defrost your windshield.

You need to inspect your car and look for cracks before putting it on the road, especially during winter. Without doing so, you increase the chance of accidents happening. In case of a car accident, those shards of glass could cut you or your loved ones when you’re driving down the road.

foggy windshield

Hinders Your Driving

Windshield cracks are an eyesore. Not only does it ruin the beauty of your car, but it also obstructs your line of vision when you are driving on a rough road or a dark street. And if we can’t see much, there is a high chance a car collision would happen.

Moreover, cracks are a distraction as cracks tend to attract sunlight, causing a bright and blinding light. Without the benefit of proper vision, you are prone to an accident while behind the steering wheel. In short, all of these can put you and your passengers in imminent danger.

Indeed, getting an efficient windshield repair to fix this issue is wise. With ample experience and the right tools in repairing windshields, these experts can do what it takes to get you going. First up, they inspect what kind of situation you’re in, getting your glass repaired or replaced in half the time. Oft-times, you get your car fixed and a clearer vision of the road ahead while you wait.

Airbags Will Become Useless

You might not know this, but your airbags are dependent on windshields after they get deployed when you get into an accident or a major collision.

As we all know, airbags are our lifesavers, as they inflate towards you and your passengers. However, if your windshield is cracked and damaged, the force of the airbag after its release will shatter. This results in an airbag malfunction.

Basically, airbags are useless if you get in a major accident with a cracked windshield. If that happens, all the occupants inside the vehicle could experience fatal injuries. All this could be prevented if you only took time to fix and repair your car before operating it.

It Is Somewhat Illegal

A cracked windshield obstructs your line of sight on the road, and it can be considered illegal. Depending on what location you’re from, a crack is a distraction. And it can pose a dangerous situation.

Laws vary by state, but it is always good to be safe and maintain a damaged-free car. Otherwise, you might receive a ticket or a warning for you to fix it immediately – as cracked windshields are considered a safety hazard. Long story short, keeping your car in tiptop shape is keeping everyone’s interest in mind.

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