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Digital Detox: Finding a Better Balance Between Life and Tech

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We are living in a digital age. Almost every aspect of our lives is dominated by technology, it’s almost impossible to not see a gadget or device nearby. We have our mobile phones with us all the time; every direction we turn to, we see a screen that’s connected online. We have access to the Internet no matter where we are.

A decade ago, you’d probably consider this as utopia: 24/7 access to any information you want, connectivity that bridges physical barriers, smart devices that makes our lives easier. But now that we are living in that world, somehow it’s not perfect. We are more anxious about what we say or do, we’re hypercompetitive, yet more depressed. We are fatigued by all these techs, and we can’t go away with it. That’s why it is important to do a digital detox. It is important to “log off” from these and do something else that keeps you busy.

Here are three things you can do.

Reconnect With Family and Friends Physically

We now have more ways to connect with our family and friends, yet, we still feel disconnected. We’re able to send more messages via different online channels, but we still feel insecure or distant. What you need to do is to reconnect with your family and friends physically, not just digitally.

Take the effort to drive or fly to your parents, stay with them for a while, and have meaningful conversations with them. You’ll see how different that experience is compared to just sending a couple of messages on a social media platform. Invite your friends to go out, or hang out with them at their homes. Watch a movie, have a party, or whatever it is you want to do at your age.

Take Up a New Hobby

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Remember the time your father took you fishing and you hated every minute of it? Well, you should probably try it now and you’ll see how the calmness of the water easily clears your mind. Call your dad, ask if they still have a boat. Offer to get it fixed by a reliable boat repair service in your area. It’s your turn to take them out fishing, though, you’d probably be the one getting lessons on how to catch fish.

If you have a knack for fixing things, you might want to try and restore an old vehicle. It’s a long term project, but it’s a great way to spend time away from your devices. You can also try and see if you have a green thumb. Start small, maybe just a couple of potted succulents at your window sill. If they survive after a couple of weeks in your care, you can try starting your home garden.

Create Rather than Consume

One of the factors that got us hooked on modern devices is the ability to consume content at speeds we haven’t seen before. We have access to movies and TV shows with just a click of a button. There are tons of materials we can just read whenever and wherever we want. We share video clips and images from sources we don’t even know.

Instead of being just a consumer, we can try to be the ones who create this content. Try writing a short story, or learn how to draw. Produce videos and upload them online. This may seem counterintuitive to the digital detox you want to do, but the time it takes to create keeps your mind and body occupied.

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