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Ride or Die: What First-Time Motorcycle Riders Need to Know

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It is always so awesome to look at motorcycles, especially big bikes. They do look super cool when protagonists in different movies make their dramatic entrances riding one. So cool to the point that so many people wish to try it to make themselves look cool.

And of course, the many benefits of riding a motorcycle, like fitting in places where most cars won’t, could get you faster in different laces, and arguably easier to learn than larger vehicles. But all these benefits and advantages come with a considerable risk of danger than most people might realize.

But the idea of looking super cool while riding a motorcycle is so inviting. So before you start purchasing a motorcycle and achieve “looking cool” and all, you must first learn to understand what some of the basic tips are for first-time motorcycle riders for safety purposes.

After all, preventing a possible accident than having a motorcycle repair in Salt Lake City when you crash is much better.

Focus on Where You want to go

A good driver, regardless of what type of vehicle they are driving, should always possess this trait: awareness. There are still high chances of you getting on an accident while driving a car (that has four wheels) so imagine the chances of getting in an accident riding a vehicle with two wheels.

So awareness is extremely important, and when riding a motorcycle, target fixation is one of the most important rules. The tendency for motorcycles is that you will tend to go or turn wherever you choose to look. So you would need to avoid looking from the ground and then up ahead because that’s where you’ll eventually go.

When piloting a motorbike, focus your eyes on a far distance and observe everything on the road so that that’s where you’ll end up going. This rule is specially made when you’re making specific turns on corners of the street.

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Be even more defensive when you ride a motorcycle than when you drive a car

It is an understatement to say that once you choose to ride a motorcycle and then ride on the road, that every single vehicle out there is trying to hit you. Most drivers tend to overlook motorcycles because they do not take up that much space, therefore, could easily be overlooked especially on the road.

So you have to be extra careful especially when you choose to overtake, and possibly avoid going near larger vehicles such as trucks, and vans that have very little sight on their mirrors. Also, just because your motorcycle fits, doesn’t mean it’s a safe way and that it’s worth the risk.

Avoid getting cornered between larger vehicles and sides of the road.

There will be times where it will rain unexpectedly, and the roads would get slippery. There are also times where there are unexpected puddles on the road, so you would need to watch out for that too. So it is important that your footwear will easily grasp on the road and securely bring you to a halt when needed.

Motorcycle riding is cool and all – and extremely beneficial. But for first-time riders, it is important that you understand the danger and risks for your own safety and others!

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