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Summer Fun: Glamping in the Time of Coronavirus


Summer is here, and yet most of the US remains unable to travel. Popular summer destinations like Florida and Texas see a spike in coronavirus cases that is preventing domestic tourists from visiting and enjoying the sites. Beach destinations like Hawaii impose a quarantine period of two weeks for most visitors; thus, discouraging tourists who would normally flock to their state during this time.

If you had your heart set on visiting any of these places for the summer, don’t be disheartened. You could still enjoy the rest of the summer. Most public health experts agree that it’s safer to enjoy time outdoors than indoors. However, beaches are becoming too crowded, and spending time packed together with strangers could spell potential trouble.

So, what are you to do? Consider going glamping.

What Is Glamping?

The word itself is a portmanteau of “glamour” and “camping.” From there, you already have an idea of what glamping is all about. Think of it as an introduction to camping, but without roughing out. Seasoned campers who store tents and have decked out trucks fitted with camper shells would scoff at the idea of glamping, but even they would admit that just being able to relax in the outdoors at this time is a welcome respite.


What to Look for in a Glamping Site

Not all glamping sites are created equal, and it might be overwhelming to pick out the best one, but here are the things you have to consider:

  • How far is it away from you? Ideally, you’d want to look for a site that’s only about a two- or three-hour drive away from you. These sites are so prevalent nowadays that even if you lived in the heart of New York City, you could still find one that’s just an hour and a half drive away from the city.
  • Is it near a town? Unlike real camping grounds, most glamping sites discourage you from bringing and cooking your own food. They would typically have a restaurant on their premises where you can have your meals. If the site is near a town, and you plan on staying more than a couple of days, you can venture outside of the glamping site for some sightseeing and delicious food if you choose a place that’s near an urban area.
  • What kind of lodging do they offer? The most basic of glamping sites would simply provide pitched tents as resting places. Nothing fancy, and it still creates the illusion of camping. Some mid-level sites would offer a combination of basic tents and small cottages with mini porches where you can sit at night and enjoy nature. The most prestigious of glamping sites would offer yurts or eco-friendly domes as lodging. Naturally, the more amenities they provide and the more comfortable the place is, the more costly it becomes.

The best thing about going glamping at this time is the fact that you could still maintain social distancing measures while enjoying your time outdoors. Some glamping sites are right in the heart of the mountain, so you can have some modicum of privacy from your neighbors. And even if you chose a glamping site out in the fields, most operators have safety and sanitizing measures in place so that you can rest comfortably, relax, and get away from the bustle of the city.

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