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Miners Park: A Fun Learning Experience Onboard an ATV


In Utah, how do you say goodbye to the gentleness of spring and the dog days of summer? The answer is an amazing ATV ride at the Paiute Trail, particularly in the famous historical Miners Park.

The Paiute Trail was built for the adventurous ATV riders in mind. Spanning around 275 miles, the loop includes over a thousand-mile-worth of marked side trails that cross the Fishlake National Forest.

Riders can also choose their preferred starting point as it seems to be in the heart of south-central Utah. They can come from Garfield, Sevier, Millard, or Piute Counties. However, if they like to begin their tour with some history, they can bring their ATVs to Marysvale.

The Glittering History of the Miners Park

About three hours away from Salt Lake City is the town of Maryvale, with a population of no more than 500. A part of the Pieute County, it is now well-known for being an ATV trailhead. But several years ago, it used to be a booming gold mining town.

In the mid to late-1800s, prospectors landed a jackpot when they found a significant deposit of the silver in the Bullion Canyon in the Tushar Range, west of Marysvale. About the 1890s, gold hunters and miners didn’t fail when they chanced upon large mineral concentrations.

Since then, various big and small mines have appeared in the surrounding areas, including in Marysvale. About 300 miners worked here, bringing along their families. In turn, communities flourished.

However, by 1907, some of the mines started to shut down. By the First World War, the industry declined considerably. The remaining pits couldn’t find enough workers. The cost of mining increased, partly due to the war, and ore reserves fell.

Nevertheless, for those who want to relive this short time in the history of Utah via their ATV and visiting the Miners Park, an outdoors visual representation featuring equipment, mine portals, and remnants of the gold town.

How to Have the Most Fun Exploring the Miners Park

The Miners Park in Marysvale is just a section of the massive Paiute Trail, so there are places where visitors can stretch their legs, walk, or even swim. However, the road leading to the outdoor museum is mainly for off-roaders.

As such, to guarantee safety and fun, any rider should keep in mind these tips:

riding an ATV

1. Always Be ATV-ride Ready

First, make sure that the vehicle is in good condition. You can bring the vehicle to UTV repair services for inspection or replacement of parts, if necessary. If it needs rebuilding, it usually takes four to six weeks to complete.

Second, you need to have the appropriate license. You cannot drive such vehicles in any public land without it. It involves completing the state’s OHV safety course, which is open to any aspiring rider 16 years old and above.

At the end of the course, they will receive an education certificate, which they also need to carry with them when riding. No one below 8 can drive an ATV in public areas such as national forests and trails.

2. Get the Brochure

Miners Park offers only self-guided tours. Although there are a lot of markers available, you can still get lost. Moreover, maybe you want to plan the areas you wish to check if you’re already pressed for time. Usually, it takes an hour or two to see everything.

You can find a box of brochures by driving to Center Street and then taking five miles more. You can borrow them, which means you need to go back to the area or buy them for a dollar. The latter is a more cost-effective idea if you plan to explore the rest of the Bullion Canyon.

3. Plan Ahead

If you are visiting Miners Park as part of the Paiute Trail, then you probably need accommodation. Completing the loop will take about three to five days if you don’t want to feel rushed.

Fortunately, you have many great options, such as Butch Cassidy’s Hideout Motel & Café, Big Rock Candy Mountain Resort, and Marysvale Motel 4-U. You can also find RV and caravan parks.

However, you cannot pitch a tent and spend the night in Miners Park since it’s only for a day trip. There’s also no water available, and you can use only a vault toilet to relieve yourself.

The Miners Park trail is an excellent excursion for families and friends who want to learn about a different side of Utah while having lots of fun and adventure at the same time. Make it a part of your itinerary as you enjoy the outdoors.

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