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The Latest Technologies that Help Car Repair Businesses Level Up

Car Repair

Technological trends have slowly but surely weaved their way into the workflow in car repair businesses. Many employees and customers in the industry are being assisted by technology when buying or repair services. These digital trends have made way for robotics and software that make work tasks incredibly easier. Traditionally, automobiles are crafted with the same universal parts that are manually fixed and replaced. However, technological advancements have reached far and beyond in terms of repair procedures. They have allowed employees to accomplish their tasks efficiently and strengthen communication between co-workers and customers. Moreover, it has increased workers’ productivity, as digital tools are now being used to manage the business. Here are some of the most common digital trends in the auto repair industry.

Automated management systems

Auto repair businesses have now made use of shop management systems to run the business efficiently. For example, software can help employees track data and finances in a more organized and more straightforward manner. Monitoring inventory and sales are also made easier with the assistance of technology. Other than that, minor and tedious tasks, such as accounting, scheduling appointments, payroll tasks, and personnel management, will no longer cost employees a significant amount of time and effort to finish. Point-of-sale functions can also be handled digitally. This increases accuracy and efficiency during the workday and customer satisfaction at a more significant rate.

With the help of technology and the internet, auto repair businesses can gain more capabilities, such as the automation of labor, parts sourcing, and so much more. Tablets and smartphones can boost communication and make the repair process more efficient and accurate. Needed information can be collected from the web, improving the quality of an employee’s work. Diagnostic tools and mobile phone apps can automatically help scan and find the problems and issues that need fixing. Using these system advances allows shops to lessen operating costs and increase revenue in the long run.

Advanced auto body techniques and equipment

Nowadays, the construction of automobiles has evolved. This creates a demand for auto repair shops to update their repair techniques and equipment. Cars are now made to become more well-built and intelligent. These advancements require auto repair shops to stay up to date with the latest techniques to cater to the new and unfamiliar problems that might arise. To simplify operations, investing in new equipment, such as mobile column vehicle lifts, can quickly get the job done.

One of the significant changes in car designs is aluminum. In the past, aluminum was treated like a privilege. This material was only used for high-end automobiles. However, more car manufacturers have been designing aluminum-bodied vehicles since the material is sturdy and lightweight. Through this, cars are now able to conform to federal fuel economy standards and safety regulations. One downside is that experienced and professional car technicians are used to working on steel cars. That is why getting acquainted with new techniques and equipment is crucial for the business.

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Wireless software

Thanks to technological advancements, cars are now manufactured to offer Wi-Fi hotspots. With this feature, manufacturers have formulated ways to take advantage of this technology. Added benefits include:

  • Monitoring and improving fuel mileage.
  • Addressing performance and safety issues.
  • Updating software features.

Through updating software features during annual maintenance and service, car repairs can be done wirelessly. This efficiently provides solutions for specific problems. However, the downside of this new advancement is that cars are now more prone to security issues, including hacking.

Augmented reality

Although the use of augmented reality for car repairs is still being observed and developed, car technicians might soon have the opportunity to acquire visual information and guidance during the repair process through Google Glass technology. This allows technicians to provide accurate and quality repair services to their customers. With the development of this device for car repair businesses, technicians will have the chance to access a multitude of repair manuals and diagrams that can make their work easier. Instead of Google Glass headsets, Volkswagen has used a similar device called the Mobile Augmented Reality Technical Assistance (MARTA). MARTA is a kind of iPad repair application that assists technicians in diagnosing issues and repair car components.

Overall, several technological trends are dominating the auto repair industry today. The ones mentioned above are just some of the few advancements that have changed car repair businesses for the better. There is no doubt that there will be more developments for car repairs in the future. It is vital to consider investing in these technologies to ensure the success and growth of a business.

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