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How Often You Should Be Getting an Oil Change

There is an age-old question that the attached video addresses and that is how often you should get an oil change. What the video takes a deeper look at is the source of those suggestions. In other words, who decides when you should get an oil change and do they have an ulterior motive?

In the end, however, despite the surprising number of answers you might get depending on who you ask, the overall consensus was that the owner’s manual for the vehicle is the ultimate guide. Our investigative video even delves into the science behind some of those suggestions regarding how often or when you should get your oil changed.

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The science, however, did not support those suggestions that you should change your oil before the suggested interval listed in your owner’s manual.

How often you should change your oil has changed over the years, and today it appears our engines can run longer without needing an oil change than ever before. So, how long should you go, or how often should you change your oil? Everything you need to know, it seems, is right there in your owner’s manual and that may be all you need to know.

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