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Maintain Your Toyota’s Performance with These 8 Tips

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Maintaining your Toyota to keep it in good condition can be a daunting task. You have to keep up with a schedule, spend bucks for replacements, and it can be time-consuming. However, proper maintenance of your Toyota vehicle could save you from repair in the future. You don’t want your engine to break down on you while in the middle of Salt Lake Utah drive, don’t you? That said, here are eight tips to keep your auto in good shape.

1. Stick with the scheduled service

You can find your maintenance service schedule in the owner’s guide. Typical maintenance involves checking or replacing parts like your timing belts, wires, and spark plugs. Follow the manual to the letter and schedule your service with a Toyota-certified maintenance and repair provider.

2. Get an oil change

Don’t wait for your engine to fail to change your oil. Make it a habit to always maintain proper levels of oil in your engine. This keeps your moving parts lubricated and your car performing properly. The oil light indicator on your dashboard will tell you when should you get an oil change.

3. Replace the air filter

Replacing clogged air filters help improve your car’s fuel efficiency and acceleration. This then improves your car’s noise-dampening features. As a general rule, change the air filter of your Toyota vehicle every 36 months or 30,000 miles.

4. Check your tire pressure

Check your tire pressure regularly to ensure your auto performs its best and that you and your passengers ride safely. When your tires are in good condition, you get to cut down on wear and tear and increase your fuel efficiency. Your indicator light will tell you when to check your tires, but it’s also great to schedule your tire inspection every month. Don’t forget to check your spare, too.

5. Check your fluids

This includes your coolant, brake fluid, and power steering fluid, among others. Check your Toyota’s fluids at least once a week. Never leave without a bottle of water as well in case your windshield wiper runs out of water or worse, your engine overheats.

6. Inspect lights, mirrors, and windows

Woman showing her car keySafety is important when driving, that’s why you shouldn’t leave damaged and cracked mirrors and windows on your car. Also, replace broken lights immediately, especially when you are driving at night. Proper maintenance can prevent you from getting in road accidents.

7. Inspect car engine, brakes, and belts

Brakes and belts are another crucial part of the car that you need to always check. These could mean the difference between life and death for you and your passengers. Invest for replacements if you need one. The same holds true for your car engine.

8. Keep your car clean

Don’t let dirt, bird droppings, and chemicals sit on your car for so long. This will eventually strip the wax and point off your Toyota’s exterior. Also, keep your windows clean for better visibility as this will reduce the risk of getting into road accidents. The same goes for your interior; don’t let empty cans and other trash stay for long as they can get stuck on your brake pedal and compromise your safety.

They say, “prevention is better than cure,” but with your Toyota vehicle, your mantra should be “maintenance is better than repair.” Don’t let your Toyota breakdown on you while driving in Salt Lake City. Follow the tips above to take care of your auto properly.

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