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Road Trip-Ready: Preparing You and Your Car for A Long Trip

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Busses, trains, and airplanes have made it possible to avoid driving for several hours along the expansive highways of the country, and yet, nothing can compare to the experience of taking your car and your friends for a long road trip. As such, even with today’s transportation options, some people still prefer going on these long road trips either for moving to another city/state, taking a vacation, reliving an old tradition, and so on. But regardless of whichever reason you have to take a road trip, it’s essential for you and your car to be prepared for the long road ahead. As such, we’ll be taking a look at road trip prepping tips to ensure a safe, enjoyable, and comfortable ride:

Tune Up Your Car

The last thing you’d want is to have your car break down in the middle of the road, or for air conditioning to give out, or for your wipers to stop working in the rain. I could list down every car part here that you need to check before setting off for the trip, but the bottom line would be that your car should be in top condition before hitting the road. So, perhaps a month or a week before your planned trip, it’s important that you check your car from top to bottom and try to detect any components that need to be repaired or replaced. And a cursory visual check-up won’t do, you’d definitely want to check every internal and external components; see if your oil needs changing, if the windshield wipers, or if your turbocharger or turbo needs repair before you leave your Ogden home’s garage. To save you the trouble, it’s best to drop off your car at your trusted auto shop to do maintenance check as well as all the necessary repairs and replacements.

Stock Up On Car Supplies and Join Roadside Assistance

We’d want to avoid any car troubles as much as possible, but there will always be a chance of your car breaking down or needs immediate repair along the way. As such, it’s always important to bring along your car repair kit, as well as fuel, oil, and extra tire(s). As an added level of security, it’s also a good idea to join roadside assistance or rescue service just in case the damage or issue is beyond repair.

Prepare Your Playlist

One way to keep yourself up and entertained along the road is to have a kickass playlist. Just make sure you avoid soft songs that can lull you to sleep and choose the ones that can actually keep you up and awake, and perhaps even sing along to. You can even bring full cast recordings of your favorite Broadway shows that could last you around 2-4 hours (Hamilton, anyone?).

Bring Fuel (Not Just For Your Car)

It’s not only your car that needs fuel, but also you and everyone inside the car. So be generous about stocking up on the drinks and road trip food. Make sure that you use spill-free containers and food that are easy to eat even when you’re driving such as chips or jerky. You should also bring enough bottled water a

Pack the Essentials

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Bring extra clothes, dust masks, emergency whistles, first aid kits, blankets, and other things you might need just in case you get stuck, injured, or would have to spend the night in your car. Apart from your road trip food, it’s important that you separate your emergency provisions of water and non-perishable food (energy bars and canned food). If you’re driving with someone who has allergies and other conditions, make sure that they stock up on their meds as well.


Road trips can be fun, but with poor preparation, your dream of an enjoyable trip down the road can turn into a nightmare. So make sure that you properly prepare your car and your supplies for a safe and enjoyable trip.

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