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Modern Business Ideas for Newbie Entrepreneurs


The coronavirus pandemic forced many businesses to close shop. But as economies start to reopen, more people began to explore the potentials of running their own business. Working for yourself has its own merits. Besides opening doors to additional income streams and money-making ventures, running your own business also allows you to choose an industry that you are interested in.

If you’re a coffee-lover, you can start your coffee shop by buying a mobile coffee cart for sale. If you have marketable skills as an artist, you can promote your services as a professional. The possibilities are endless. For more business ideas, here’s a list you might want to check out:

  • Buy a franchise.

Buying a franchise is one of the easiest ways to go into business. Franchisees simply focus on the task of growing their business. After paying the agreed franchising fee and securing the necessary license you need to operate, you can immediately start your venture. No need to start from scratch where branding is concerned. Franchise agreements typically include the use of the brand’s assets.

Reminders before buying a franchise


If you are interested in buying a franchise, the first thing you need to do is to do your research. Read up about the industry you want to be part of and find out as much as you can from people who have significant experience in the industry. Do not be afraid to ask questions,

Once you’ve ticked that off your to-do list, do your research about the franchise you are interested in. Make sure to do this before setting up an appointment with the franchisor. also recommends reading the entire Franchise Disclosure Document to make sure you understand the fine print of the agreement.

  • Tap into mobile businesses.

Another idea is to invest in the mobile business. Novice entrepreneurs like the appeal of mobile businesses because its very nature allows them to try different tactics to see how it works. These hit and miss opportunities won’t hurt as much as when there is a physical store involved because mobile businesses have simple operations and low overhead costs.

The success of mobile businesses depends on the quality of the products and services offered and the location where you will put up yours. If it turns out well, you can always expand and purchase another vehicle or move to a bigger space.

  • Offer on-demand services.

Technology plays an active role in modern business undertakings. You don’t need to have a big company to integrate technology into your business. A lot of novice entrepreneurs make use of advanced tools and applications to offer on-demand services. Since the coronavirus outbreak, a lot of newbie entrepreneurs started to invest in digital platforms to reach out to customers and provide essential services. Some of the more common include door-to-door grocery and fresh produce delivery as well as on-demand errand runners and meal ordering applications.

  • Become a freelancer.

Business is not just for people who have products to sell. If you have the expertise that you want to promote and monetize, that could also be an option. To launch a successful freelancing business, you need to invest in yourself and your marketable skills. That could take the form of writing content, creating graphics, and developing an app, among many others.

Equally important as a freelancer is to bank on your excellent reputation as a professional. That is the key to getting more people to hire you for their professional needs. Learn more techniques, check out trends, streamline your processes, and build your network. Make your mark as a professional.

  • Teach online.

With governments hesitant to allow students to go back to school, one of the options for many parents is to find tutors for their children. You can easily tap into this industry if you are a licensed teacher. If not, there are online teaching workshops that you can enroll in to get started in your online teaching career.

Teaching online is a promising endeavor because of the expected high demand for online teachers and tutors. Plus, it also allows you to earn cash without going out there and exposing yourself to the virus. It is a good option if you are among those individuals who have lost their jobs because of the pandemic.​

There is no single way to make it big as an entrepreneur. There is no foolproof formula, either. To succeed as a business owner, you must be willing to start small. Enjoy the journey and apply the business lessons you will pick up along the way. You can always improve and expand as you gain more confidence in navigating your business.

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