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Masculine Substance: Important Qualities of a Modern Gentleman

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What is a man, and what should he become? For many people nowadays, it’s mostly about being physically strong and tough, looking handsome and hot, and having a large income. Sometimes, it even comes at the cost of giving up being a decent person. However, a real man can’t surrender the factors that really matter. Here are some qualities that a modern gentleman has that you can also have and apply to your own life.

He Manages His Money Well

No one in their right mind and with proper respect for themselves would go out and waste all their money away or spend what they don’t have. This also applies to anyone you would call a true man. The modern gentleman would manage his money and other resources well, investing them wisely and making sure that he has some to spare for the future. If he has a family, he will work together with his spouse to ensure that they all survive and thrive. For example, instead of indulging in a luxury car to flaunt his social status, he will opt for a Skoda or used cars instead, putting practicality and affordability on top.

He Is Always Well-Dressed

Many get the impression that men don’t really care about what they wear. While that may be a good trait in the sense that brand or cost doesn’t really matter, but it is not an excuse for the modern gentleman to dress poorly. He will put on the appropriate clothes and show that he cares about proper grooming, no matter what the occasion. If he’s going out for a casual meet-up with friends, he won’t show up in his house clothes. He’s the kind of person who will purchase a bespoke suit for formal business meetings or high-end gatherings.

He Shows Sensitivity

One of the traits that toxic masculinity promotes is being “tough” in the sense that a man doesn’t show his emotions and isn’t open with others. Unfortunately, this can limit his capacity for kindness and love for himself and other people. The modern gentleman is willing to go beyond this expectation of what a man should be and freely express his feelings and concerns, encouraging those around him to also open up. He will also be generous in helping others in their time of need, knowing how it would be to have nothing.

He Solves Conflicts Peacefully

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It’s often thought that men often use violence when in conflict with others, but that can make them more animal than human. The modern gentleman knows that a good part of being a decent person is having a sense of reason. He doesn’t take offense for long if he does and tries his best to come to an agreement with the other party where both sides will benefit as much as possible.

Being a true man is much more than simply inflating one’s own ego and making an impression on those around him. It involves developing good manners, skills, and traits that will support his good looks and presence in front of others. The modern gentleman focuses on who he is and what he can do for the world and, because of that, he becomes a person one can truly admire.

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