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Stranded in Your Car in the Middle of Nowhere? Here’s What You Should Do

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Driving across a long stretch of road in Kansas City at night can be daunting. It can even be more threatening if your car breaks down in the middle of nowhere. If you don’t know what to do when this happens, you’re in luck because all you need to know is right here.

Step One: Pull over

If your car is starting to break down, turn on your signal to where you are supposed to pull over. Let the other vehicles behind you know that you are pulling over to the side. Do it as safely and quickly as possible. Once you’re on the side of the road, call for 24-hour roadside assistance. You should also call 911 and report to them your situation, especially if you need medical attention.

Step Two: Survey your surroundings

When you are on the side of the road, look around you and try to get your bearings. Try to remember if you have passed any exits, gas stations, or any other landmark that could help you determine where you are. It would be a good idea to use your car’s GPS.

Once you’ve figured out where you are, take a look at your surroundings again. See if it is safe to get out of the car for a few seconds. If you’re in the middle of nowhere, it’s safe to assume that no one else is lurking around to jump on you. But you still need to be careful. Make sure that no one’s around who can be a threat to you. If you see a gas station nearby that is within walking distance, go there immediately. Grab a flashlight (make sure that your vehicle has a flashlight), get your emergency kit, get your phone, gather all your valuables, and start walking toward the station.

Step Three: Check your vehicle

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Once you’ve ascertained that your surroundings are safe, get out of the car and try to figure out what’s wrong with it. It would be wise to learn as much as you can about the basic mechanics of a car and how to fix it. If your car just has a loose spark plug, you can fix it immediately and be on your way in an instant.

But if it’s more serious, do not try to fix it. Instead, get back in your car and stay there until help arrives. Stay inside your car as often as possible to prevent any stranger from harming you.

Step Four: Alert other motorists

While you are checking your vehicle, get all your emergency warning devices and place them behind your vehicle to alert motorists that you’re stalled on the side of the road. Be careful when you’re doing this because standing at the rear of a stalled vehicle is quite dangerous.

When your car breaks down in the middle of nowhere, it is important to stay focused. Call for roadside assistance immediately and stay inside the car, unless you see a gas station or diner nearby. Your safety should be your primary concern.

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